Yes, this would be about me

It's quite hard to write about who am I. But let's try anyway.
I was born in 1979, so I'm practically vintage. Vintage is good, isn't it? I live in Western Finland, graduated in 2007 as MSc (tech.). I have to say, Master of Universe would have been much cooler. But that is not possible in Tampere University of Technology. Yet.
I have a brother, but no pets. I would like to have a pug. They are so funny looking dogs. So worried-looking. I used to have a little bunny, he was called Ramona. That's a girl's name, I know. But I didn't know that the bunny was a boy.
I enjoy skating, writing, theater, helping others, singing so that no one can hear me (or I think no one can hear me), reading, designing new websites for me, never actually finishing 90% of those aforementioned designs, coffee, making lists, taking photographs, being a geek, talking in IRC and listening to music. There are also other stuff, but I'm not telling you about those. Sorry about that.